Friday, June 1, 2012

Songs for May 2012

As it was Eurovision this month I decided to go with a Eurovision theme and put some videos of my favourite winners/contestants.

Buck Fizz - Making my mind up (1981)
How can you not smile when listening to this fun little ditty

Gina G - Oh Ah Just A Little Bit (1996)
This song is what introduced me to watching Eurovision. The singer was Aussie and got in via UK but as a result was a big deal here in Oz.

ABBA - Waterloo (1974) winner
Probably the most famous Eurovision song ever.

Ruslana - Wild Dances (2004) winner
A fun tribal type song from Russia. Not sure what she is saying for most of it but it doesn't matter I just like the beat.

Lena - Satellite (2010) winner
I love this catchy song. It is on Xbox's dance game (whose name escapes me at the moment)

Ertab Erener - Every way that I can (2003) winner
A mix of middle eastern music and modern dance music.

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