Reviewing Information

Rating System

5 stars - It was AMAZING! couldn't put it down, was sneaking reads in during work hours. It was that good!
4 stars - I really, really liked it. You won't be disappointed if you put this on you to be read pile.
3 stars - I liked it. Didn't love it but it was still enjoyable.
2 stars - It was okay and still better then doing the house chores.
1 stars - I didn't like it, not even sure why I finished it.
DNF - Did Not Finish.

Children's Book Brief

When reviewing children's books I now include at the end a book brief. This is a summary at a glance of educational and development markers covered in the book.

Review Policy

I am open to accepting review books from indie, small and large book publisher presses as well as self-published authors. I prefer ebook format (PDF, Kindle, Mobi) but will consider excepting paper based (hard cover, trade paper back cover).

I will not share, forward, copy, distribute, trade, or in any way infringe on an author’s copyright regarding ebooks I receive. I will NEVER sell ARCs. On rare occasions A Narrative Causality holds giveaways which may include ARCs and bound books that have been received for review. In this instance permission will always be request prior to the compition being held.
I will consider all requests, however, I may not accept all requests. While I try to only accept books for review that I think I will enjoy reading, I cannot and will not guarantee a positive review. Reviews will also be posted on Goodreads and Amazon.

Things you should know before submitting a review request:

I am not a professional reviewer and I do not post ‘critical analysis’ type reviews. What I do post is my honest opinions of the books I read – what I liked, what I didn’t like, and why. Please remember, this is not a job. I do not get paid (nor would I accept payment) for my reviews.  This book reviewing blog is my hobby, purely for my love of reading and discussing books in a respectful and engaging way.

Genres I accept:

  • Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic 
  • Children's Picture Books
  • Historical Fiction
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Fantasy and Sci-Fi
  • Young Adult (YA)

Book reviews will include the following information:

  • book cover 
  • book title and author 
  • name of series and number in series, if applicable 
  • synopsis (usually taken from Amazon) 
  • publication date and publisher 

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