Sunday, June 3, 2012

Movie Reviews: May 2012

Contraband - B-
Not a terrible action film but not the best and not the best work Mark Wahlburg has done. The ending was good though but otherwise (for an action film) was a bit slow. Oh just double checked apparently it is an action, crime, drama. Hmm well I thought from the trailer it was an action flick so that is probably why I was disappointed.

This Means War (extended cut) - B
I am reviewing this again (and as a new movie) because this movie has ONE extra scene. To be honest there was a reason why the scene got cut, it was terrible. It did not add anything to the movie story line and was just stupid. If the movie had been released originally with that scene it, I might not have liked it so much. Otherwise movie was still fun.

John Carter - C
A boring sci-fi fantasy thing from Disney. The alien monster dog was pretty funny (and oddly cute). The twist at the end was clever, but overall this movie was average.

The Grey - B
This survivor/thriller movie is probably not what you expect (well not totally) from the trailer. Yes there are vicious wolves hunting the survivors but it is also a character driven script. It can be quite gorey in some places so perhaps not good to watch this movie when kids are around.

Safe House - A-
A pretty solid action flick that grabs you straight away. A fantastic car chase scene too. I really enjoyed this film.

How Do You Know - C
A couple of cute funny moments but all in all an average romantic comedy that doesn't really do much or utilise its good actors.

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