Saturday, May 5, 2012

Movie Reviews: April 2012

Sorry guys no pretty film poster pictures for this post. Me and blogger are having disagreements on how to format pictures in a post so for this post I might have to give up.

Chronicle - C-
Boring. That pretty much sums it up. Spent an hour watching three idiot boys "learn" their powers then an hour watching one of them self implode (emotionally). It was hard to connect with the characters and even care what was happening to them. I suspect the camera work let this story down in a major way, it was to slow a story line for the "self documentary" style video work. Anyway I only gave it a C- minus because once the action starts it isn't to bad.

Ghost Town - A
What a surprise! I dont even remember this movie coming out to the cinemas but it was so funny, clever and Ricky Gervais being Ricky Gervais.

One For The Money - C
Pretty boring. Didn't really do anything and I didn't "believe" the characters. There was really no chemistry between Stephanie, Ranger, Morrelli. It just fell flat for me.

The Avengers - A+
Loved, loved, loved this film. It was action all the way and lots of funny lines/moments especially towards the end that had the whole cinema audience cracking it laughing. I Highly recommend this film if you love action (you dont have to be a marvel comic fan to enjoy it) and Joss Whedon did an awesome job!

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