Saturday, December 1, 2012

Songs for November 2012

Opps been awhile since I have done this one. Lately there seems to be a real variety of great songs in the charts. I wont put Gunganm Style here because who isn't listening to that song at the moment??

Wings by Little Mix
Oooo I just love this song. UK band formed during UK Xfactor (and I believe the first band to win?). Boppy little tune that is fun to listen to. Reminds me a bit of marching music crossed with perhaps swing music?

Man Like That by Gin Wigmore
This NZ singer is pretty awesome. This song has a fantastic beat to it not sure if she is supposed to be going for a 60's style or 20's swing style but I like whatever style it is. I also like Black Sheep which is from the same album.

Good time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen
A nice summer dance song.

 Battle Scars by Guy Sebastian and Lupe
This current album of Guy Sabastians I think is his best. I am not finding him nearly so "commercial" this time round. Have no idea who Lupe is, apparently he is a big deal in the USA. A good ballad song.

We are never ever getting back together - Taylor Swift
Even though I like this song and think it is a good attitude type song, I think she seriously she needs to lighten up. Does she only write songs about her break ups??

Try by Pink
Ah Pink is awesome and writes great, catchy, meaningful songs. I am bummed I wont see her in concert next year when she is in Oz.

Fun by Amy Merideth
Has to be one of the stupidest band names ever (for a band of guys) but they write some interesting songs. This is their latests (I believe) which is a great boppy tune.

Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding
This is the song from the coke add (here in Oz not sure about anywhere else). A bit of a weird song but I like it for some reason. Sort of whimsical and dancy.

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