Sunday, December 2, 2012

Movie Reviews: November 2012

Movie popcorn

Expendables 2 - B-
More of a guys movie I think, or I wasn't in the right mood to watch it. There were some seriously cheesy eye rolling dialogue here which ties back to the individual stars most famous action movies but it was seriously lame. Very violent in places.

Taken 2 - C+
A sequel for sequel's sake. All the actors just seemed to be going through the paces. There was something lacking in this film, it just didm't hit the mark like the first movie did.

Alex Cross - B+
I haven't read the books so I found this quite enjoyable for a revenge detective story line.

Savages - C
All I got from this movie was drug use, violence and sex. It seemed to rotate through these scenes and hide an otherwise interesting story. The violence and sex scenes seemed to be as shocking as possible and for me detracted from the movie as I thought "oh here is another person being slaughtered....oh they are having sex again". Salma Hayek makes a pretty good baddy actually.

The Watch - C
Um daft crass humour. A few chuckles but nothing fantastic.

Ted - C+
I thought this was going to be beyond aweful but it actually wasn't so bad. I was only half watching it so didn't give it my full attention (was jet lagged so half asleep) but what I do remember was ok.

Total Recall (2013) - B+
I actually really enjoyed this movie. There is no cheesiness, a decent script, and decent acting unlike the original movie. There are some significant changes but the overall story is pretty much the same. The action is pretty kick ass.

Brave - A
Oh yay pixar another fantastic little film. Adored this film and glad they finally had a female lead. If you are a pixar junkie like me you will have either have already seen this or are on your way to the dvd shop right now :)

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises - A
Another great instalment in the franchise. This trilogy has been done right and is how a trilogy should be. Bane is a fascinating bad guy, not send chills down your back like Heath Ledgers Joker was (but his role would be hard to top and I believe the writers deliberately wanted someone very different). Bane is able to go toe to toe with Batman physically and mentally. This might be controversial but I might actually prefer Anne Hathaways Catwoman to Michelle Pfieffers.

Arthur Christmas - A
Oh my this film was so cute, clever and funny we were laughing all the way through and little monkey loved the "Christmas spaceship". We have now watched this numerous times. Do yourself a favour and watch this one!

Katey Perry - Part of me - B+
I was very surprised. I only watched this because it would have her songs in it and live footage from her tour. Which it did. But you also get a very in depth look into her life and a lot is laid on the table so to speak. I have admired Katey through her songs and things I have seen her say and do in interviews but after one scene in this movie in particular I am amazed by what an amazing person she is.

Old School

Total Recall (1990) - D+
Wow I dont remember this movie being so, well, awful. Even for Arnie and Sharon Stone the acting is bad, the effects are terrible and everything is cheesy and stupid.

Jurassic Park - B
Still a good film and the visual effects are still holding up good.

Jurassic Park: The Lost World -B
Not bad but not great story wise but you don't really watch this for the story. Virtually no resemblance to the book.

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