Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Reviews - August 2011

We were a bit light on movies this month. There are a couple we have half watched but not yet finished. Never mind, will do better next time I promise :)

Cars 2
- A
I really did enjoy this film and it was one of the few movies I have managed to see in a cinema in the last two years YAY! This movie differs from the first movie in that it focuses more on Mater. There is also a host of new characters that take more of a centre stage. Only negative was the car death toll, and yes there actually was one which surprised me, but there was nothing traumatic about it. All that aside I still enjoyed it and laughed loudly at in a lot of sections. A great kids movie that shouldn't fail to please.

Super 8 - B-
This movie had an interesting storyline that was mostly mystery/teen drama for roughly 70% of the movie. It also had a dash of mystery and tension from the spooky happenings, so if you were expecting a kill em all kinda movie your will be disappointed. You don't get to see the monster until the end when all the action really kicks in. The focus is on the teenagers and how they are dealing with their own lives as well as the strange happenings that have started in the town. Up until the last 10 minutes this movie was good but then the very end happened and, for me it failed to hit the mark. To be honest I felt the ending was lame. But I did like the film regardless of the lame ending.

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