Monday, August 1, 2011

Movie Reviews - July 2011

- A
A clever conspiracy theory type action film. The first 10 minutes are a little slow as it sets everything up, but then it really goes bang. Lots of action and a great story that unravels as the movie progresses. Not predictable at all. Liam Neeson is becoming quite the action film star. A good film which I enjoyed.

The Dilemma - D
BORING. Was not interested at all by this film, in fact I even contemplated doing house chores! However hubby watched it all and seemed to like it so maybe it was just me?

No Strings Attached - C+
Was an average romantic comedy film. Nothing out standing or special. The only real thing it had going for it was that the woman in this movie was the one who didn't want a "relationship" and the man did. A few laughs but not rip snortingly funny. Save your money and watch for free on TV.

Kings Speech - B
Was definitely worth all the accolades and awards. A great historical movie that told a fascinating story you hardly ever hear about. It really humanised the royal family. The acting was superb by everyone. But it was a little too slow paced for me and I did find myself drifting and doing stuff on the internet. But Is till really enjoyed the film and would recommend it.

Gnomeo and Juliette - B+
I love animated films and this re-telling of Romeo and Juliette is original, cute and funny. I had some really good laughs and chuckles. There were even some sad moments. It is a surprisingly clever script and a good introduction for children to the Romeo and Juliette story. However my mother thought it was ok, but a friends two daughters (aged 8 & 9) loved it.

Burlesque - D+
This film was just boring. I watched about half of it before I gave up. It didn't really do anything, it was slow and plodding. Cher's character was supposed to be (I think) this hard ass, bombastic, performer but she just kinda did nothing except stand around looking weird (she is starting to look like the cat lady). Christina Aguilira was actually ok acting wise and could (depending on the roles) carve out a decent acting career. I was thinking this would be similar to Moulin Rouge but it wasn't even close. This move overall was boring, the actors were under utilised, and the script predictable.

Old School

Transformers 1 & 2 - A
I love these movies, that is all. Ok a little bit more they are great action films, with a wonderful humour, great CGI, and good acting.

Daddy Day Care - C+
When this first came out I wasn't terribly impressed with this film. However this time round (now that I have a kid maybe?) I found it quite funny. Perhaps it resonated with me better at this stage in my life? Anyway I found myself chuckling a lot more to it this time round.

Bolt - A
Such a cute fun movie. I just LOVE Tank and Mitten is awesome. A road trip movie with a difference. A must see if you have kids or like me just like animated films.


  1. Thanks for the feedback about all the flicks! I love how diverse your selection was!

    We LOVED Bolt. The kids adore the hamster and the soundtrack is fabulous. It's worth buying... "kid music" that doesn't sound like kid music! woohoo!

    And I LOVE that you didn't like Burlesque. Cher IS looking like the cat lady... and she didn't even seem like a badass in the previews. To me it was just a very poorly laid out music video. LAME!

  2. I haven't seen any of these! I do have Unknown and King's Speech in my Netflix queue.

  3. Sandra Bullock is hit-or-miss when it comes to romantic comedy. That particular movie looked incredibly formulaic in the previews.

  4. I was so disappointed in Burlesque. I really wanted to love it, but was a little bored by it. Loved the Kings Speech though. I'll have to be on the lookout for some of the other movies you mentioned.

  5. Loved the Kings Speech. Definitely going to add Unknown to my must watch list and I think Bolt sounds adorable; might watch that one with my little niece :)

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