Monday, July 13, 2009

ON MOVIES ~ Waterworld...

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This week's movie topic is all about Water..

This weeks theme is all about movies filmed in and around the sea, lakes, rivers and streams

Waterworld - Has to be included being the biggest most expensive water movie that flopped spectacularly. This movie is just so bad you have to watch it.

Deep Blue Sea - Samuel L Jackson is all really need to know about this movie. It is silly, improbable and a plot line so full of holes it resembles swiss cheese. But strangely I liked this film! I avoided the obvious shark movie Jaws, I figured a lot of other people will pick that.

Pirates of the Carribean - If this doesnt make just about everyones list I will be REALLY surprised.

Finding Nemo - What isnt there to love about this movie. Not to mention you cant help but quote the damn thing for hours after!

Sphere - Creepy alien artifact at the bottom of the sea. Also Samuel L Jackson is in this (it is a coincidence that I have selected to Samuel L Jackson films, I promise! though he is a fantastic actor).

Piranha - A horror movie about flesh eating fish. I never really watched this movie. I saw one scene of a woman on a lie-low (is that how it is spelt?) thing getting eaten and I decided then and there this was not the movie for me.

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  1. cool list.. i have watched most of your list :)

  2. Oh I forgot to include Piranha in my list. That's one good freaky movie... :) I haven't seen Sphere... maybe i'll watch that sometime.
    Here's Mine

  3. Yes, Men of Honor is the diver (he is the first afro-american to become a master diver) Cuba Gooding, Jr. did a great job on this.

    I agree about Waterworld!

  4. Robert Redford directed the beautifully shot "A River Runs Through It".

  5. Waterworld was soooo bad!!! I loved Nemo and Pirates!

  6. Ah - Sphere. What an odd cast. I remember being all pumped up to see it and then let down. It reminded me of Alien or The Thing except underwater. So much potential :0)

  7. That's a great list! I really liked Finding Nemo. :-)

  8. Great list! I really liked Deep Blue Sea, too, even though many people did not. Was it Cuba Gooding, Jr. that played the funny cook? I liked the cook, whoever he was.

    Another good water movie to me is whatever creepy movie that was with something living in the lake.