Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Kaye from J.Kaye's Book Blog has been generous to award me with the One Lovely Blog Award.

This is my 2nd award and I am terribly excited by it. A little sad really but I'll take my win's where I get them as they are few and far between (lotto god's hello? I'm still here waiting patiently for your benevolence).

Kaye has a wonderful system of giving awards to new blogs she has discovered and I am going to stick with this spirit and award the One Lovely Blog Award to new blogs and blogging friends I have discovered.

Please check out their blogs if you haven't already.

Wrighty's Reads
Buzz Bout Books & More
Julie's Jewels
Books and Cooks
A Novel Menagerie

Congratulations everyone.


  1. Wow! Getting this award from J. Kaye! That's awesome. Well, I do enjoy subscribing to your blog and am glad that I am now a follower. Thanks for the award. That's VERY VERY nice of you! I'll post about it on Sunday in the Salon.

    Thanks again.


  2. Thank you so very much! This is a lovely award! I appreciate it. Congrats to you too. J Kaye has great taste. :)

  3. P.S. I'm a Taurus too! I'm in April, how about you?

  4. Thanks guys. You guys deserve it your blogs are fun!

    Wrighty - Im a May baby :)

  5. Congratulations on the award! You definitely deserve it!

    I wouldn't mind winning the lotto either, but I just don't seem to have the luck where that is concerned. Hrmphf!

  6. Thanks so much!!! I am very excited:)Congrats to you, also!!!