Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Demons Are A Ghoul's Best Friend (Book 2) by Victoria Laurie

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This is the second book in the series and we see M.J and co heading to Lake Placid to solve the case of Hatchet Jack, an axe wielding ghost who terrifies students and locals during the summer months.

To be honest I love this genre of chick lit/cosy/supernatural/romance that seems to be the in thing now. This book manages to tick off most of these genres cliché list;
  • Struggling 30 something woman
  • Hot rich boyfriend (preferably exotic in some way),
  • Tension/misunderstanding between said hot boyfriend
  • Funny side kick,
  • Gorgeous but troubled best friend and
  • Some sort of ability
Which is fine I didn’t care, I was having lots of fun reading the story. Victoria Laurie has a great sense of humor. I can easily imagine M.J being Stephanie Plumb's long lost sister, the one the family doesn't talk about because she is "weird". The side kick Gilley always cracks me up. Not to mention Steve’s successful attempts to mangle western sayings.

The ghost in this book is way nastier then her previous adventure and there was a lot more action scenes with M.J mostly getting her butt kicked. However they are geared up with brand new techie stuff that easily finds those pesky ghosties, that is of course when the school desk flying across the room towards your head does not give it away.

If you like these sorts of books then definitely get your hand on this series.


  1. That is a groaner of a title!

    Hey, you changed your blog layout! I like it, it's roomier!

  2. I agree, books like this sure can be fun. I enjoy books like this. :-) I really would like to try this series.

  3. Terri - thanks I like it too, it is so much roomier and I dont have to use super small text either. However not as colourful as I would like. Will be consulting with the IT guru (aka the other half) to try and rectify that.

    Literary Feline - I think you will like it. It is great brain candy.

  4. lol... Stephanie Plum meets Bella Swan, maybe? It's not my usual fare, but this sounds absolutely delightful. Twinkies for the mind :-D