Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins: 3 April 2009

Janet is the Host of Friday Fill Ins. My responses are in green. we go!

1. Angel or not, I will still hunt out the chocolate Easter bunnies on Easter Sunday....those bunnies are going down!

2. I just cant shake it, shake it any way you want me.

3. As my mother used to say, you're full of worms (actually cant recall mum using a you're full of phrase).

4. I will crave anything chocolate after I'm done working out or doing something strenuous.

5. Even in the most crowded of rooms I will probably walk into the table.

6. Friday 13 is a day fraught with peril.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to enjoying a nice sun set and pizza dinner, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and seeing Monsters vs Aliens movie (my reward for cleaning) and Sunday, I want to read naturally!


  1. I can't remember telling you that you were full of anything :) You were a wiggly worm :)

  2. We have same answer in # 6. :)

    I played here -
    Happy friday!

  3. lol.. my dad would always tell us we were having rabbit for Easter dinner and laugh when we cried. Hunt that bunny! Make him fork over all his chocolate!

    Have a great weekend :-D

  4. LOL @ those bunnies are going down!
    Great answers! Have a great weekend :o)

  5. Love the chocolate answers! Yum! And the pizza sounds good too. Have fun at the movie, it looks really funny and I can't wait to see it!

  6. Oh you found your award! It took me forever to get all of those done. So sorry for the delay. Oooh, ice cream! I think I'll have to take a stroll out to my freezer and see what I can find too.

  7. Chocolate Easter bunnies! Yum! I'm likely to walk into the table too. LOL I hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy the movie.