Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I am kind of making a come back

Well it has been a crazy past year for me and unfortunately my blog paid the price. But now things are settling down I can start to focus back on my blog again.

Firstly my good news, for those who don't know, I have recently given birth to my second child. However my pregnancy is one of the reasons I stopped blogging.  I spent the pregnancy sick with Hyperemisis Gravardium. It knocked me around but I am back to normal health wise now.

Another reason I stopped blogging is because I have a weird side effect while I am pregnant. I basically have no desire to read or write. 

If I am totally honest though, I had been struggling before ny pregnancy to find the time, enjoyment or the motivation to blog. It had become a chore. 

I enjoyed discussing books with my book blog friends but I was able to do this through other means so my need to blog to discuss books fell away.

The time off did give me some time to think about my blog and what i want from it. Firstly I have hopefully addresses my time/accessability issues as I now have the blogger app on my phone. This will make it easier to do blog posts when I get some spare time. It also means a bit of a format change due to the blogger app being a little limited editing wise. 

Secondly I plan to start doing more personal posts on random topics to help keep me interested. This can be anything from TV, to Pinterest, to my cooking efforts, to family life. I will see where these posts take me as to which ones I continue with.

Lastly I will also probably be writing shorter more concise reviews for the time being (er starting after this post lol).

Hopefully all these things will help spark my interest again. 

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