Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Wanderer (Guardian and Wanderer Series Book One) by Pippa Dee

Rating: 4 out of 5
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Series: Yes - Book one
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In the not too distant future … The digger clips the side of the ancient container, cracking it. The banished ones flicker—escape is near. The crack widens and The Wanderer worms its way upwards; into the cables, into cyberspace. The Protector follows, ready to fulfill his duty. The unstoppable chain of events is about to begin. Sasha and Andy have known each other forever, and share everything—including cool email attachments. The latest one, a strange creature, is no exception. However, when Sasha gets sick with symptoms that don’t add up, they wonder if the creature from the email could somehow be involved. It’s creepy … scary … and it seems to control them. In a race against time, they must discover the secret of the strange creature and save themselves and their town from the ancient Wanderer. But there’s more to the creature than meets the eye, and Sasha and Andy will be drawn into a world of the Ancients—the Guardians and Wanderers.

First Impression
This had a ghost in the machine movie sort of feel to it. I liked it though, it was a different way to retell the evil spirit/being story.

What I thought
Firstly I am not a huge fan of techno/fantasy genre. To often it annoys me and is told on an "epic" scale, which for me translates into long, waffley and boring. However this book is fast paced and you don't ever feel bored waiting for something to happen.

The book is told from roughly five point of views; the warrior in the past (Gartram), Sasha, Alex, Justine and Georgia the teacher. At the start of the book this can get a little confusing which for me slowed the story down. But I have previously stated I am not usually a big fan of multiple points of view.

However in this story each point of view does reveal an interesting piece of the story, there is no dud points of view. All the points of view gather speed story wise and then they merge together as the action hots up. I liked that by doing it this way we get a better picture of the story with out the information feeling forced into the story.

I loved the way the evil spirit was brought back into this world. It makes for a good blend of fantasy and sci-fi. The spirit comes back through the Internet and does its dastardly deeds that way.

For me this was a quick light read perfect for the target audience of teens.

You wont be disappointed with this book. It is a fun action novel. Aimed at teenagers they will most likely enjoy this book the most. But is a great read for anyone who is a techno/fantasy buff.

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for my interview with PD Martin (Pippa Dee) which will be up in the next couple of weeks!

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