Sunday, November 3, 2013

Breathe by Sarah Crossan

Rating 3 out of 5

Reading Level:
Young Adult
Greenwillow Books
Release date:
October 2, 2012
Shipping Weight:
1 pounds


This story is not overly original in the now crowded dystopian young adult arena. The story revolves around a group of teens living in a domed city once the world's trees appear to have died off. The domed cities are the only source of oxygen and of course are tightly controlled by a corrupt Government.

I did find myself noticing some plot holes that maybe will be explained in the next book.

  • How many domed cities are there? are all of them killing off all the trees in the whole world for so long? So does that mean the world is one controlling government or are they seperate domed countries?
  • Vegetation is clearly regrowing outisde and the domed people wouldnt be able to reach every where. So surely in the time it took the Revolutionaries to grow their trees other vegetation would have grown elsewhere?
  • Where are the animals? how is vegetation growing with out bees and birds and such to help pollinate and spread seeds etc?
  • Do the military live outside of the dome as no one inside the dome seems to know (except the powers that be) that a military even exists.
  • The Tanks, how are they driving them? and the planes? As far as the book implies there is no petrol/diesel and no industry outside if the dome?
  • This society is a revolution waiting to happen.
Don't get me wrong it is an interesting book with lots of potential as a series but it was not a stand out dystopian genre book for me.

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