Saturday, August 4, 2012

Songs for June and July 2012

Sorry I missed a month but has been a really busy couple of months.

Karmin - Brokenhearted
Such a fun song I love hearing this in the car driving to work in the morning as it is such a perky song.

No Doubt - Settle Down
Hooray No Doubt are back and with another awesome song. *Sigh* these guys can do no wrong. This has a fun almost Jamaican type beat to it.

Katy Perry - Wide Awake
Katy is another artist who would really have to screw it up for me to hate her song. As always Katy does a cool and interesting music clip.

Fun - Some Nights
Ok I dont like the film clip because when I hear this song I think of Africa for some reason, but hey whatever. The song is awesome.

Ricki Lee - Do It Like That
A fun summary dance song where I swear Ricki Lee channels her inner Beyonce. This is an Aussie artist so might not play for over seas people.

Coldplay feat Rhianna - Princess of China
Coldplay, do I really need to say more? But this is a pretty cool clip as well as an interesting tune, the mix in of Asian influences is done really well.

Rita Ora - How We Do (party)
Another fun party ditty perfect for sitting around with friends :) This is not a "clean" version as I didn't even realise the version on the radio I had been listening to was edited. The swearing is not to bad or over the top but she does say bulls*&t a few times very clearly, so if you have littlies around and you dont want them to hear it maybe get them to leave the room.

Cheryl - Say My Name
Here is the techno song you knew had to be here somewhere lol

Far East Movement feat Justin Bieber - Live My Life
For some reason the music clip also features Redfoo and this is the version I like the best. I am not keen on the version with just Justine Bieber. I do not know why artists feel the need to do this as invariably I like the non easily available version.

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