Saturday, March 3, 2012

Movie Reviews: February 2012

A slow month this month but never mind. I will have to rethink the images side of this post since blogger updated its lay out I cant seem to get them to do what I used to before. To be honest it's annoying me to fiddle with them. Anyway on to the reviews.

Hugo - C
For me I just didn't get this movie, I had a "am I watching the same movie as everyone else" moment. To be fair I was pretty tired and not in the mood,  so it was probably all just the wrong time to watch this film for me. Hubby enjoyed it and a good friend of mine did too, but me I found it very meh. I did like the cinematography though it was spectacular, and I loved the history of the movie industry when it introduced to the story.

This Means War - B+
A silly romantic comedy with an actiony edge to it. There are no surprises here script wise and the acting to be honest is nothing outstanding. I actually enjoyed Chelsea Handler's character (and acting) a lot. I saw the ending coming from about half way through but meh I enjoyed it she was very funny as the best friend. It's cute and silly and if you check your brain at the door you will enjoy it (if you like this sort of thing).

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