Saturday, February 4, 2012

Movie Reviews: January 2012

Johnny English Reborn - C+
Not that funny at all. It felt forced and the jokes missed the mark. A few chuckle worthy moments but I am glad I didn't pay to see this at the movies. Gillian Anderson was a little weird in this role and Rowan Atkinson seemed to be just going through the motions.

Real Steel - B
An interesting retelling of the boxing looser to hero story. There are lots of good CGI. The acting in this is average and does the job. Not much else to add but it was a good movie that most people should enjoy but it wont blow anyone away.

The Three Musketeers (2011) - C-
What a bizare retelling. It seems the directors tried to make it appeal as much as they could to the current teenage generation. The musketeers were doing martial arts type moves, and there was weird booby traps (like a hallway with razor thin wire criss crossing it that could only be seen with dust, which is eerily similar to modern thief movies and a hallway with lasers), and an air ship or two, just to name a few of the weird things. Milla Jovavich's Milady was an ass kicking go getter in period costume (and sometimes just a corset) which was an interesting change but her acting had no depth at all. All the actors put in average to rubbish performances. I probably shouldn't compare, but the 90's version was way better. We didn't even finish this movie.

Fast and the Furious 5 - C
Nothing special or surprising in this film. Just average at best and hardly any car chases. I fell asleep half way through.

Cowboys and Aliens - C
What a weird movie. I didn't get the point. There was no "wow" moment, or terribly witty one liners, or even interesting characters/acting to make up for the fact that the script made not a lot of sense. Just an average movie.

The Help - A+
An excellent movie. A powerful message and story. I cried, I laughed, I felt angry for them. The acting is amazing. Even hubby enjoyed this movie! Couldn't recommend this movie enough. The movie stayed pretty true to the book with a few minor changes.

Friends With Benefits - B
A fun romantic comedy where Justin Timberlake isn't annoying. Predictable but still good with some good laugh out load moments and lots of chuckle worthy other moments. A fun light movie that was way better then the "other similar" movie that came out around the same time with Natalie Portman in it (see was so good I cant even remember the name).

Old School

Ice Age 1, 2 & 3 - B
Strangely I did not enjoy the first Ice Age movie this time round as I did the last one. 2 was ok I laughed a few times but Ice Age 3 was where the laughter was at. No idea why. These are still firm favourites though.

Mission Impossible 1, 2 & 3 - A, C- & B
Ack MI 2 I don't remember you being so terrible! it reminded me of a day time soap opera with the long lingering stares and long periods of no one saying anything just staring. It just felt clunky and boring. MI3 was much better and ties in with the latest movie! Of course Mission Impossible is the best out of the lot and is always a favorite.

Bad Boys - A
Yay Michael Bay at his best in the 90's. There is not much not to like. Great action, funny one liners, and Will Smith doing what he does best action/comedy blockbuster. Always enjoy watching this film.

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