Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winners of Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran Giveaway

Thank you everyone for your comments and entries. I was delighted to read some of the inspirational women of history you all nominated. I hope to do a post using all these ladies later on down the track.

So on to the important bit; I am pleased to announce the winners of my Michelle Moran "Rebel Queen" Giveaway.

Without further a-do the winners are:

Breanda Kapsley and Melissa Wilkes

The winning ladies nominated Helen Keller and Germaine Greer as their inspirational ladies.

Congratulations ladies!

I have sent you both an email from The Narrative Causality email address. Please check your junk mail box as well as your inbox and let me know if you have not received the email by tomorrow.

For those who didn't win you can still get a signed book plate by heading over to Michelle Moran's website and requesting one

Thank you all again for entering the giveaway!

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