Saturday, October 11, 2014

I wish I had a dinosaur by Ian Anggabrata and Mingga Anggawan

Rating 4 out of 5

Cute is the best way to describe this book which is about a little girl wishing she had a dinosaur and everything she could and couldn't do while owning said dinosaur.

She could ride the dinosaur to school and get their faster then the bus, she wouldn't have to use the stairs when she could slide down the dinosaur, and yucky food you want disappeared from your plate? Slip to your dinosaur of course. But you can't take a dinosaur to the beach which is one down side.

The art work is vibrant and fun with a big red dinosaur as the central figure in each page. Each page illustrates the words on the page perfectly and convey the emotion being expressed, the joy of swimming to the sadness of being unable to go to the beach.

The story is simple and easy to follow. It will appeal to children as it expresses desires kids would have, like getting to school quickly, swimming, doing chores, etc

My dinosaur loving son enjoyed this book as we read it in the library during a visit. This is a great read for any child but especially a Dino loving child.

About the authors: both authors are a mother and son team originally from Indonesia. They moved to Australia in 1999. The story originally grew from when Ian son did not want to eat his steak and wished he had a dinosaur to eat it for him.

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