Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Charity - We Give Books

Today Sheree from The Eclectic Reader told me about this wonderful initiative that donates to a charity, that focuses on literacy (different charity each time) for every free ebook you read. Of course you can also donate money if you want to.

It's easy just join and get reading!

The books are good quality, even popular books. You do have to have access to a pc or smart phone that lets you view Adobe flash as that is what the website uses.

Yesterday my son and I read: 

  • "Llama Llama mad at mama"
  • "SkippyJon Jones"
  • "The Christmas
  • "DK Reptiles"
  • "DK Butterflies"
  • "Leapfrog and the lost dinosaur"
  • "A night in Santa's great big bag"

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