Friday, December 14, 2012

Blood Storm (Lharmell Series Book 2) by Rhiannon Hart

Rating 5 out of 5
Title: Blood Storm
Author: Rhiannon Hart
Series: Book 2
File Size: 551 KB
Print Length: 227 pages
Publisher: Random House Australia (July 25, 2012)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
ASIN: B00821K0JK
ISBN 1742754783
ISBN13: 9781742754789

It's official, I am now addicted to this series.

I enjoyed this book way more then the first. The first book Blood Song was good and I enjoyed it. But the second book is where I really went "wow".

In this book we see Zeraphina and Rodden go off adventuring into the sunset to go kill some baddies. Boo-yeah.

The action is fantastic, the story fast paced. I really enjoy Hart's writing and the more modern feel to her fantasy series. Hart's dry wit, is evident everywhere. Particularly in the banter between Zeraphina and Rodden. I admit I sniggered and chuckled through quite a few of the scenes. There were also some really creepy scenes as we learn more about the Harmings and Rodden's past (see the quote below).

The story doesn't set up a series  of convenient scenarios for the hero and heroine to have some alone time together that awakens their passions for each other ("oh dear only tavern around has one room and one bed we will just have to share, no no I wouldn't dare take advantage of you while sleeping", "oh opps we are high in the mountains camping and it is very cold and don't have enough warm clothes, how unfortunate we will just have to keep each other warm" and so on). They are not cold to each other, there is still tension, but there is no convenient set ups here to move the story in that direction.

Finally the ending, omg the ending, I have to say well played Rhiannon Hart. You sucked me in real good and I will be reading book three. I will even make sure I survive the Mayan Apocalypse in the event it does happen just so I can find out what happens in book three.

My reaction to the ending went something like this "wait, what just happened? no seriously that can't be the end. Did that just happen? no surely not I am sleep deprived and jet lagged so surely I imagined that ending. *re-reads the ending just do double check* Crap no that really did just happen *waaaaaaaa*" It's been a long time since I got to the end of a book in a series and want to throw an epic tantrum because the ending was so good, so cliff hangery, and all I wanted was the next book and it wasn't THERE! Seriously my toddler would have been proud of the internal tantrum I had and the old fashioned sulk after as I realised there is nothing I can do but wait till next year for the next book.

But I have it on good authority there is a Rodden short story being released soonish. So that should stave off the with drawl shakes, or make them worse. Either way I don't care and will be reading it.

Still doubtful about the awesomeness of this book weeellll here is an extract from Blood Storm.

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