Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Movie Reviews: October 2012

Madagascar 3 - A
Well no surprises I LOVED it and not just because it was animated. It actually had a decent story and the jokes were good. I fully expected this to be lame as it is the 3rd movie in the series now.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - C+
The trailer for this looked great and the movie was alright. I can't work out if it would have been ok without the twist on Abraham Lincolns past or if that gave it the edge over other vampire movies. It is pretty violent but not unnecessarily so. While it isn't a bad movie it was weird.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift - B+
Not a bad film for the fourth in the franchise. It had some funny moments but my little guy liked it best of all.

The Best Marigold Hotel - A
A surprise movie for me, the main reason I wanted to watch it was the very impressive actors listed in it. That is all I really knew. But it is such an adorable sweet movie about retires from England moving to India. There are some hilarious moments in this movie. My hubby who wanted nothing to do with this movie ended up watching and loving it as well.

Stolen - B
Actually not a bad movie seeing as most of Nicolas Cage's movies have been well dodgy lately. Nothing surprising but a good brainless action film.

The Amazing Spider-man - B+
It is a good film which I enjoyed. I liked the different and more modern take on the Spiderman character and the Toby Maguire portrayal. Not much else to say if you like comics turned into movies you should like this film.

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