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Hell's Fury by P.D Martin

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Hell's Fury is the first book in the newest series released by P.D Martin. It is about Ally Logan (an alias that she is referred to as through most of the book) who is a CIA agent abandoned by her Government to an Afghanistan prison. She is rescued by a mysterious organisation who offers her a new life, a new identity and a new job. Her new job? to assassinate targets given to her by the mysterious Committee.

I have really loved reading P.D Martin's Sophie Anderson series so was keen to read this one when I learned of it. One thing I have liked previously about P.D Martins writing is how she can write strong, down to earth female lead characters who are most importantly believable.

Ally Logan (aka Jane Calloway, Ms Paige, or RB as we have yet to learn for certain her real name other then it begins with R) is a really well rounded character, and by well rounded I mean she is messed up enough due to her experiences to make her believable. Her back ground is that she was a CIA field agent who worked under cover and had been imprisoned in Afghanistan enduring weeks of torture. So if she didn't have issues I would not have bought into her character, but thankfully (from a readers perspective) she did. Her character really struggled with so many emotions, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Plus on top of that was rediscovering who she was and where her moral compass pointed.

The struggle Ally has internally makes her ideal to present the really tough and meaty issues that the author Martin raises in this book. Issues such as vigilantism, assassination, people trafficking, drug abuse, prostitution, exploitation of minors, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, morality, corruption and more. There is no sugar coating the issues raised and certainly no answers given and this is reflected through the main character as she struggles to reconcile what she could do, would do, wouldn't do, her past life and her current life.

But having said all that this book does not get bogged down in detail, idealism/morality, or leaves the reader feeling lectured. It is a fast, action packed read, that is hard to put down. The characters are well written and the story is complex with out being information heavy. If you like spy, thriller type stories this should hit all the right buttons for you.

I look eagerly towards the next book in the series.

If you would like to read an excerpt here is chapter one of Hell's Fury at

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