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Movie Reviews: March 2012

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Puss In Boots - A
Awesome film which combines the stories of Puss In Boots, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, and Jack and the Beanstalk. Just so much fun to watch.

Footloose (2011) - B+
A fun remake of the 80's film of the same name. The original sound track (the most famous songs) were cleverly worked into the movie, along with some of the famous scenes. The scene where (find name) has a little tantrum and dances in the warehouse was a bit weird in the remake as the song played was pretty aggressive but the dancing was a mixture of almost classic jazz type dancing and gymnastics. But over all a good modern remake of the film and I enjoyed it a lot more then I thought I would.

The Muppet's Movie - B
I was quite disappointed with this film. I thought being a comeback film aimed at a generation or two who don't really know the Muppet's (outside of maybe Sesame Street and even then its only really Kermit, lets face it these days Elmo is more famous then Kermit), it just didn't do anything DIFFERENT. For those who know the Muppet's its the same old same old. Young kids will probably like this film but teens and people in their 20's who don't get the nostalgia probably wont like this film. Oh and the role of Mary I just didn't get she seemed to be their because they needed to have a girl in it, Miss Piggy also had a stupid role.

Contagion - A-
This is one scary movie and made me feel like being a germaphobe, hermit, conspiracy theory nut was perhaps a good lifestyle choice. Was a fascinating movie which shows realistically how a contagious virus could effect the world. 

Immortals- D
This had a real slow start and we stopped watching after say 20 minutes because the film hadn't really done anything. A friend of mine loved this film though so maybe we just were not in the right mood for it? I am not sure but for us it failed to grab us at all and the slow pacing, poor acting and violence just wasn't interesting enough to continue.

Wall street 2 - C+
While the script was interesting this film was too long winded. I missed some chunks of this film due to my little one and I don't feel like I missed anything essential from the script. It didn't blow me out of the water or make me glad I watched it. It was just meh.

Old School

Horton Hears A Who - A
Oh I adore this film it is so cute and funny. There is not much to add really other then if you haven't seen it then make sure you do!

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