Monday, December 19, 2011

Movie Reviews: December 2011

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas - B-
Cute but not as much laughs I would expect. Kids will no doubt still love it.  The main bonus is getting to meet the newest addition to the Ice Age crew Peaches, who is Manny and Ellie's daughter.

Merry Madagascar - A-
All your favourite characters are back in this Christmas Special. In this special King Julian shoots down Santa out of the sky and its up to our Merry crew to save the day. Lots of laughs and worth the watch (unless you dont like Madagascar then you should probably skip it).

The Madagascar Penguins In A Christmas Caper - A
I love the penguins and I love love loved this special. In this special they try to get a present for a Polar Bear who doesn't appear to get any presents. As usual mayhem ensues. I just cracked it laughing at this one the little dog scene was classic Penguins.

The All Nighter Before Christmas - A
Another great special from the Penguins. It is full of laughs. If you are a fan of the penguins this (as with all of the penguins specials) are a must.

Tower Heist - B
A fun silly movie about the little guy sticking it to the big guy. The acting was pretty good (though not outstanding) but the script was good overall. There were a few laugh out loud moments and I did enjoy it. Dont expect much and you will enjoy this a lot.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - B
No surprises, just like all the other MI movies. The technology seemed really way out there (not even remotely believable) but was still fun. The action scenes were good but again stupidly unbelievable. Simon Peg's character was a good addition to the series was sad Ving Rhyms character was not in this film.

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