Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movie Reviews: October 2011

The Change-Up - A
This film was hilarious, rude and totally inappropriate for any child under 15 or so. But I found myself laughing so hard I was crying on a numerous occasions. I dont normally like the stupid crass/rude type movies (I am proud to say I did not like The Hangover) but for some reason this one really appealed. 

Green Lantern - A
I really enjoyed this film, even though it had a very Superman kinda feel to it (even the music was suspiciously close). Ryan Reynalds is really good in the role. The CGI was well done and the action fantastic. There was a good story line that was not to "out there" and required a complete suspension of belief. 

Zookeeper - C-
Not the greatest but not the worst. A slight twist on the romantic comedy genre with the animals trying to help the looser guy. Nothing surprising in the story but some funny moments anyway. Good purely for the animal factor and the "pick the celebrity voicing this animal" factor. I would wait till it is on tv and watch it for free.
Captain America - B
This was not what I was expecting, which is interesting considering I know nothing about Captain America. Lots of clever CGI, bit of humour and sci-fi mixed in with a good dollop of action. This is not a serious film and I had fun watching it, it had an ok story line (some big story holes which did bug me) but good acting. Plus it tied in nicely to the marvel comics universe & the Avengers movie.

Kung Fu Panda 2 - B
Very cute and enjoyable film. Not as hilarious as the first one, but then again I was horribly sick while watching this, and Hubby did laugh a lot more then me so maybe it was just me? I did still enjoy this story and how it added to the over all story of the Kung Fu Panda world. Seemed to be setting the scene for a Kung Fu Panda 3?

Mr Poppins Penguins - A
As this didn't have a long theatre life here in Oz I kinda wrote this off as being a dud. Well I was wrong it was adorable, funny, and had a sweet and touching story line. Jim Carey really should do more family movies, his brand of comedy just suits it perfectly. A great story about setting priorities in life. Oh and the penguins totally steal the show as they are soooooo cute!

Smurfs - B+
Ok I was all prepared to hate this movie because I loved the original series as a kid. But I actually liked this movie A LOT. Found myself laughing in quite a few places, and chortling in others. It wasn't completely corny and stupid (did have moments). The acting was great (is there nothing Neil Patrick Harris cant do?) and the animation was fantastic. There were jokes for all age groups, and I love the sly digs at the original cartoon which only adults will get. A great family film for everyone.

Bad Teacher - D+
I dont really like Cameron Diaz, and I just found her annoying in this film. I  didn't feel any chemistry between her and the two leading men. There were some funny (but few) moments, but over all it just seemed like the bad girl with the bad behaviour got rewarded because she was pretty. The only part I really found funny was when she was grading the papers. I think ALL teachers would love to write what she does at some point.

Old School

Frequency - B
An old detective sci-fi movie about a father and son talking across the decades. Very clever and interesting. Not much can be said with out giving it away (if you haven't seen it).

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