Friday, July 1, 2011

Movie Reviews - June 2011

All I can say is yay for long weekends!

17 Again
- C
Not nearly as funny as everyone made it out to be. Dont get me wrong some laugh out loud moments and groan here and there. But for this type of time travel/living your glory days type movie it was at best average. Though I was surprised to see Zac Effron was not a half bad actor and the boy has some dance moves! no wonder he was huge in those High School Musical movies.

The Mechanic - C+
A movie about a hitman forced to kill his friend, takes on an apprentice, then seeks revenge. Pretty simple, nothing special or different. A bit of action, a lot of nudity and violence. Not a terrible movie but not great. Just an average action film.

Unstoppable - B+
I was surprised by this movie. I was expecting it to be stupid and boring. The only reason we got it is because Denzel Washington was in it. Boy was I surprised. It was action packed, tense, plausable and believable. The story was based on actual events and many of the narrative points touch on the true story. However it is only "based" on the events so in true Hollywood fashion it was seriously ramped up action wise.

Hall Pass - B
Another movie that took me by surprise. I thought this was going to be terrible, but found myself chuckling and laughing to quite a few of the gags in this film. It also had a pretty good message to it. Warning though there was some full on male nudity if that makes you squimish.

Just Go With It - C+
Standard Adam Sandler movie. Nothing original or surprising. No wait I tell a lie. Jennifer Anniston not being annoying was surprising, and Nicole Kidman doing a cameo was also surprising. There were some funny moments but over all it was a pretty average to sometimes boring and predictable film. If you love Adam Sandler you will probably like this film, otherwise wait till it is free on tv.

Battle For Los Angeles - A-
Quite a good alien invasion movie. Lots of great special effects and a simple but effective story line. It was even plausable. Heaps of action and things going boom in a spectacular fashion. Not much else to say really. I will be interested to see if there is a sequel though as the movie ended with the possiblity being there.

The Adjustment Bureau - C+
This is another case of the trailer giving entirely the wrong impression of the film. This film is not a sci-fi action flick it is more romantic drama with a dash of sci-fi. I have to be honest I was really tired so dozed a little through this film, unsure if it was because of the film or not. It is slow and Matt Damon does an ok job, but Emily Blunt is great. My biggest problem with this film was the big unanswered story threads. The biggest of all being why the Bereau were so hot to trot about keeping them apart? the only excuse I heard mentioned turned out to be a lie anyway so why was it imperative they were not together? It was an ok film but not the best around.

Paul - B+
A cute alien movie. There are some hilarious moments in this film and even a deepish story line to it. The animation involved in creating Paul is amazing and very well done Seth Rogan does a great job of voicing Paul and fits him to a t. Lots of familar faces in this film as well so have fun picking them. The humour seems to border being crude (with lots of swearing etc) and intelligent. All in all a good movie.

Source Code - B+
An interesting sci-fi movie with some fascinating twists. A smidgeon on the slow side but then it picks up fast. There is also a dash of romance. Cant say much with out giving anything away but a clever well written script with some solid acting involved.

Sucker Punch - D
We didn't even finish this. Watched about 20 minutes and then gave up. It was weird and not even in an interesting way. Visually interesting but that is about the nicest thing I can say about this movie really.

Old School

Madagascar - A+
One of my all time favorites. The penguins steal the show. This is such a funny movie I cant help but laugh every time I watch it.


  1. I enjoyed this post and added a few films to my Netflix list!! thanks!

  2. I ordered the Adjustment Bureau at the library--it looks really great. Kind of worried now, but if it's boring I can just return it.

  3. Heidenkind - hopefully I was just tired so not as average as I thought it was. But the loose story threads really irked me.

    Staci - Glad you liked it! Hopefully you like the movies you added :)

  4. I haven't seen any of these (not that it's a big shocker considering my time allowances). I do want to see the Adjustment Bureau. Or I did :)

  5. Stacy - I think that was part of my problem. I was really looking forward to Adjustment Bureau and so was probably more disspointed then I normally would have been (if you get me?). I would be interested to see what others who went in with different expectations thought.