Sunday, May 15, 2011

Movie Reviews - May 2011

Inkheart - B-
While this is an old film I had not seen it. I remember vaguely reading the book but I didn't like it. For the life of me I don't remember why. The movie however, was good fun. I actually didn't mind it at all. Lots of action and good vs evil type stuff. Nothing to over the top or scary so all round a good movie for the whole family.

Drive Angry - C
Stupid action movie with lots of blood, guts, violence, swearing, and sex. If this is your thing you will probably love this movie. It was a little weird storyline wise, and Nicolas Cage did not stretch himself acting wise. I think Nicolas Cage did this purely for the money. The special effects were bad but maybe they were better if you watched in 3d? we didn't and it just looked dodgy. The actor who played the demon seemed to be the only one having any fun, and doing any decent acting.

Here After - C-
This had a pretty full on opening sequence, and some interesting plot twists but mostly it was BORING. Really slow and was told for three different point of views. Two of which I didn't care about and one I did care but was let down with where the story went. It just didn't do anything really, I did not get
the point to this movie. It wasn't a great script, and it didn't have brilliant acting. It was just average, oh and did I mention boring?

Old School

Groundhog Day - B+
A great film from 80's comedian mega star Bill Murray. About a man reliving the same day over and over. Still a good film that gets the belly laughs even though you know what is coming. There isn't much to not like about this film.

Up - A
Such a charming and delightful film from Pixar. Though the Disney influence in this film, I think, is pretty strong. In typical Disney fashion it has a sad beginning as Mr Fredricksen's wife dies. But from there it is funny and charming story about different generations, achieving dreams, and a bird called Kevin. Some great laughs with some awesome one lines such as Russell exclaiming "BUT its a talking dog!". Dug and Kevin steal the show with their hilarious antics. If you are a Pixar fan this film has to be in your collection.

Independence Day - A
What can I say I am sucker for this film and enjoy it every time. The witty one liners, the awesome action, and motivational speeches. The special effects are a little dodgy in places now and there are some big ass story inconsistencies if you stop and think about it. But I still love it. Will Smith for the win every time :)


  1. I liked Inkheart, too. I think it's just Brendan Fraser; he enjoys making movies like that entirely too much.

  2. I really need to see Up. And while Independence Day is such an over the top Hollywood movie, I love it too!