Saturday, September 4, 2010

That's Not My......Series by Fiona Watts

Rating 5 out of 5
Age Group: Under 5
Book Type: Board & Picture Book

The Usborne touchy feely book series That's Not My.... is designed for babies and toddlers. I purchased three books from the series; That's Not My Puppy, That's Not My Airplane, and That's Not My Monster. I decided to combine all three books into one review as they are all very similar format wise.

The books follow the same basic story formula. Each sentence starts with the words "That's not my.....". It is then followed by the reason (for example "That's not my puppy, his ears are too fluffy"). On the page, the item the line talks about is then a relevant material for your child to touch. For instance the fluffy ears would be a fluffy fur material.

The stories are very easy to read aloud and the large letters will make it easy for the child to read themselves when they are learning to read later on. Being Board books they are also borderline indestructible. Certainly they will last a lot longer then a paper book with a baby who is exploring it's world.
Each page contains bright and vibrant images that capture a baby's/toddlers eye. There is a wide variety of textures in each book from soft, to squishy, and rough. Already my 6 month old enjoys touching the pages as I read the stories to him, and has his favorite pages.

The series is award winning and sold world wide. That's Not My Puppy has been in publication for ten years now. An excellent series that is worth having in your child's library. I am not sure exactly how many titles are in the series but there are a lot. I will definitely, eventually be purchasing more.

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