Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Your Baby and Child by Penelope Leach

Rating: 5 out of 5

This book by Penelope Leach is intended to be a baby bible. A one stop book that covers virtually everything that is baby related from birth to five years old. This book covers everything from sleeping to development, feeding to playing, health to crying, and may more subjects.

Your Baby and Child has been a international best seller for twenty years. The book has been kept up to date and across the latest research, theories, and advice for raising children and babies. Penelope Leach is a research psychologist who specializes in child development. She is also president of the National Childminding Association, research advisor to National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, founding committee member of UK branch World Association for Infant Mental Health, and a mother and grandmother. Needles to say Penelope Leach has lots of experience in the art of raising children.

Ms Leach breaks the book into age groups which makes it easy to read and find the section you need when you come across individual problems (such as teething). At each stage she covers everything you will need to know and expect to find at the stage your child is going through. There is a comprehensive table of contents at the start of the book which assists you in finding the information you require.

The advice is practical and none judgemental. Penelope Leach presents both sides of an issue and has advice on what to do no matter what you decide, for instance she handles the issue of breastfeeding or bottle feeding with compassion and facts. She does not tell you what you should do or make you feel guilty. The information is presented clearly and in plain English. It is also based on the latest research and statistics.

This is an excellent beginners guide. If you have very little experience with babies and children this is the book for you. The book goes through nearly everything you need to know about caring for a child. I would recommend this book for all new parents and even experienced parents.


  1. Thank you for putting one more baby book on my must read list. You are a wealth of recommendations :)

  2. LOL all I seem to read at the moment are baby books! I can devour one in a week yet its taking me a month or more to get through a fiction book. Oh well eventually it will revert back the other way I am assuming :)