Monday, January 11, 2010

The Magician by Michael Scott (Book 2)

Rating 4 out of 5

After fleeing Ojai Nicholas, Sophie, Josh and Scatty find themselves in Paris desperately seeking allies to shelter with. Meanwhile Dee is hot on their trail desperately trying to get the last two pages of the Book of Abraham and to gain control over the twins. This is the second book in the series.

This is another good installment in the series. Sophie is being trained in the power of fire and Josh is being trained in sword combat by Scatty. The reader is introduced to new characters Comte de Saint-Germaine and his wife Joan of Arc along with a new baddy Machiavelli.

There is nothing suprising story wise but thats ok it is a fun book to read and I enjoyed it. The action is well paced and constant so the reader doesnt get to bogged down in the mythology of the book. We meet some new mythological beings including the Valkyries.
Scatty doesnt seem to have as big a role in this book which is a shame because I really like her character. Josh's character annoyed me but it seemed like he was being set up to be the "bad" twin while Sophie is being set up to be the "good" twin. I did really enjoy Machiavelli's character who was a more refined bad guy to John Dee's no prisioners approach. The scene where Machiavelli had to drive a car was hilarious.
A promising series I will definately be following with two more books having been released.


  1. Good to see you here! I love this series. Just fun, entertaining reads. I got my husband The Sorceress for Christmas (mostly so I'd be able to read it next!).

  2. cant wait til the next one comes out