Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Murderer's Club (Sophie Anderson Book 2) by PD Martin

Rating 5 out of 5

FBI Profiler Sophie Anderson is still recovering from the traumatic events in Body Count. The only good thing is that for six months she has had no visions. In need of a break Sophie heads to Arizona to visit her friend Darren. However soon after her arrival bodies with a mysterious love heart on their chests start appearing on the University grounds. Sophie offers her assistance to help catch a new serial killer and hopefully stop a killing spree. But Sophie soon learns that they are not hunting one killer but a group, The Murderers' Club.

About three months ago I read the first book in this series called Body Count. For a debut novel it was really good. It had a good mix of supernatural, crime mystery and good old fashioned thrills and action. I was really keen to get started on The Murderer’s Club as soon as possible.

The book is told in first person. But the reader gets both Sophies perspective and the killers. This happens in both books but in this book the killers perspective is told via a chat room. It is creepy reading the killers conversations about their victims, they discuss them like they would characters in a tv show.

The Murderers’ Club is a little slower paced then Body Count. There is not as much action, but the action that is there really packs a punch. Also there is less focus on Sophie’s visions, however this fits in with the story where she is grappling with her visions and their implications (I do not want to reveal to much so I will leave it there).

There is however a bigger focus (then in the previous book) on the actual process of profiling a serial killer which was just fascinating. While Body Count touched on this, I felt in Murderers’ Club we got to learn more about the profiling aspect of the job. I think it would be both a fascinating and terrifying field to work in.
"Finally I cast my eyes to the body. The vic lies on his back, his arms tucked underneath him. On his hair-less chest and extending down to the first two bulges of his six-pack is a bright red love heart, about four inches square."
If you are thinking this series is a supernatural crime novel you are essentially correct but it is so much more. Murderers’ Club can easily hold its self up against the more hard boiled crime novels. While Sophie does have visions and it is an element to the story it is just that an element. Sophie needs actual evidence to convict the serial killers so she goes through the process just like any other criminal profiler. I guess that is what I like most about this series so far is that balance which PD Martin has done well.

Sophie is mixed up in this book which is hardly surprising all things considered. However her issues and the way she deals with them felt believable, not forced to make the narrative flow a particular way. Sophie is dealing with the trauma inflicted on her in Body Count as well as her personal relationships with Darren and Josh. On top of that she is dealing with her visions, or more accurately not dealing with them.

I liked the additions of Gerard and Detective Stone who were good characters. I certainly hope they make more appearances in the series.

As for the ending of the book, well lets just say it was good.

This series has really grown on me and I am not a huge crime writing fan. Cosy's are more my speed. However this series is quirky, fascinating and a little terrifying. Definitely a recommended read.

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  1. Good review, I am thinking I might have to read Body Count...thanks:)

  2. Ooh! I like the sound of this, especially the chatroom discussions... that's just too creepy for words! I've not read any PD Martin, yet, so I suppose I should read Body Count first, then. Thanks for the new (to me) author :-)

  3. This series sounds really good, Caspette. I love a little paranormal mixed in with my crime fiction now and then. And the interesting narrative has my attention. I'll have to look for this one and the first book in the series.

  4. Great review Caspette, I'd already added Body Count to my wishlist so this one will also be added to the growing pile. I haven't read anything by P.D Martin so thank you for the introduction to his? work.

  5. Caspette, hi,

    My debut novel, "A Diary of Wasted Years," is out by Eloquent Books, and maybe you could take a look and tell me what you think. I'm not sure if you're into the "dark novel" genre, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.



  6. You know that I've just finished reading Body Count, so I'm looking forward to getting a copy of this to read. Thanks for the review!