Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday's At The Movies

Went and saw two new block busters this week.

X-men Origins: Wolverine
This is the tale of Wolverine and how he came to be. I really enjoyed this movie. However I do not know much about the whole X-men stories so am unsure how closely it follows the comic books.

It had lots of action packed scenes that were well choreographed. There was some good doses of humor,which made the slower scenes not so slow.

You also get to see Hugh Jackman naked which is a bonus for the women in the audience. But acting wise a good job was done by all even the rapper Will.I.Am was a surprise, he wasn't half bad.

There are a lot of different characters here and some characters from the X-men trilogy but in their younger form. I wish though the character who can do card tricks (name alludes me) was in the other three movies as he was pretty cool.

The ending to me was a little strange, it just kind of fizzled. It wasn't awful but for me it didn't go bang. Also I briefly struggled with the time line not sure where Wolverine was ultimately set. I guessed it was 80's but the hair/clothes/makeup did not match in fact I would swear it was current. Which is when I thought the trilogy was set. Doesn't matter, perhaps I was not paying attention to the original X-men movies time line. However those two things did now kill the film for me and I suspect the ending was written the way it was for a squeal.

Star Trek
We are not big Star Trek fans but the trailer had seemed interesting enough for us to give it a try. This turned out to be a great film. I thought JJ Abrams did a great job.

There is a good balance between action and story development. I thought the plot was believable to explain how everything was slightly different and new. The Enterprise looks great and is really shiny and sparkly.

There was great humor infused through out, one of the funniest being when Kirk is given an inoculation shot. As I never really watched the original series I could not compare the old and new styles of characters. Spock seems to be pretty spot on from what I have picked up over the years. Zachery Quinto does a really good job as Spock. In fact all of the actors were cast well and did great jobs in their roles.

Also some of the classic sayings slipped in (even I know a lot of them). Which was a nice touch.

Set aside the whole Star Trek brand and you have a good science fiction movie. Non-trekky fans will get a kick out of this film. I would be extremely surprised if there is not a squeal to this.

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  1. You got to see Wolverine! I want to see that one. It hasn't been getting the best reviews, but I have enjoyed the previous X-Men movies and will get around to seeing this new one as well.

    I also saw Star Trek this weekend and really enjoyed it. I noticed on the movie database website that there will likely be a sequel--maybe as soon as 2011.

  2. I heard that Star Trek was going to be great! I saw Leonard Nemoy on The View last week.

    Glad you enjoyed both movies!


  3. Thanks ladies for the comments.

    I generally dont listen to what critics say; what the heck do they know really.

    Squeal wise for Star Trek if they can get everyone back on board again I would definitely go see it.

    Only one person I know has said anything remotely negative about the Wolverine movie, and that was he was a little disappointed with it. I have yet to find out what he found disappointing.

  4. I loved the X-Men movies and look forward to any chance to see Hugh Jackman naked, but the previews didn't look that great to me. I might have to wait and rent it.
    As for Star Trek, I'm glad you liked it. This is one I wouldn't mind seeing.

  5. I saw Wolverine on opening night- the first movie I have seen in the theater in years! I liked it better than the original X-Men movies. Maybe because Wolverine was my favorite character. I liked the fact that it had elements in the movie that were suggested in the previous movies had happened to him. They could have messed it up a lot worse.

    I am not a Star Trek fan, but I heard they "messed it all up" from an old school fan. I don't know specifically what it was.