Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photo Meme

For this meme you need to find your 5th photo file folder, and then the 5th photo in that file folder. You then get to pass on the fun to 5 other people.

Laura from Musings tagged me a while ago now for this meme and I have been a little slack (ok a lot!) in getting it up. Plus I cheated a smidgen in that the following photo is not the 5th photo in the 5th folder its more like the 8th. This was because the 5th photo was the back of someone's head and was not interesting at all (unless you really do like pictures of the back of peoples heads and then I apologise for not posting it).

Click on the image for a larger view

This picture was taken two years ago at the Melbourne Christmas Parade which I stumbled upon while roaming Melbourne scouting out the shops while waiting for K and our friend to finish their business meeting. I had noticed this large group of people and a street blocked off all morning as I wondered around, so when I noticed a book shop right near by I wondered down to have a sticky beak at the shop and what was going.

That's when I found out it was the Christmas Parade so I stuck around to watch it. I did not really get many good pictures as all the good spots were taken, most of my shots of the parade was with my camera held way over my head, pointed vaguely in the right direction and a lot of hope that it would turn out ok. This was one of the few shots I was able to snap through a gap in the crowd.

In this picture you can see Santa and former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins who I have to say looked completely bored. Or perhaps it wasn't boredom, maybe she just needed to go to the toilet? I know I did by that stage and that's when I left the parade LOL!

Now to nominate five people I have decided to bestow the honor on the following:
Irish at Ticket to Anywhere
Terri at Reading, Writing and Retirement
Literary Feline at Musings of a Bookish Kitty
Sally 906 at Books and Musings from Downunder
Raider Girl at An Adventure in Reading

Anyone else who wants to join in feel free.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'd forgotten all about tagging you for this! Thanks for playing, that shot is way better than the back of someone's head!

  2. LOL I just learnt something new about blogger too. You can not start a post and expect it to be the newest entry when you submit it.

    I was trying to work out why this was not at the top of the page but it looks like because I started this on Wed before last so blogger posted it in my "feed" for that date not today's date.

    Weird but lesson learned.