Saturday, March 21, 2015

Little Miss Evil by Bryce Leung & Kristy Shen

Rating 4 out of 5
Publisher: Spencer Hill Middle Grade (March 10, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939392098
ISBN-13: 978-1939392091
Reading age: 11+

When you live in a volcano, ride to school in a helicopter, and regularly see your dad on the news with the caption "EVIL GENIUS" underneath his picture, it takes a lot to rattle you. Until you get a message that says: We have your father. Deliver the NOVA in 24 hours or we will kill him. What's a NOVA, you ask? It's a nuclear bomb capable of turning the city into a radioactive mushroom cloud, and ever since Fiona's dad built it, it's caused nothing but grief. But telling him to stop building weapons is like telling Michelangelo to stop painting. And that's why thirteen-year-old Fiona has a flamethrower strapped to her arm. After all, who'd mess with a girl who can throw fireballs? Apparently, these guys. Big mistake.

This was such a fun book! As Donkey from Shrek would say "let's do that again". I could easily read this book again and I really enjoyed it from start to finish. The book was is just pure fun.

The book is a short read that is easily knocked over by most readers in a day or two. However for such short quick read it is action packed and full of humour.

There was a great mix of plot development, action and humour which was set to a cracking pace. The book was fast paced but never rushed. During the entire book the authors sense of humour was always present making me giggle. Oh and how cute is the cover (I am a sucker for chibi anime style artwork)

The summary is a little vague so to expand upon it a little more, the basic story is Fiona and her dad belong to a group of three super villains and their families. They all live on an island (while it isn't directly mentioned Waikiki is mentioned so I assume Hawaii). The three families fight each other, however they mostly just thwart each other s evil plans and keep their kids (who all attend the same middle school) out of the fights. However something changes and Fiona's father is kidnapped bringing the families into full scale war against each other.

Fiona was such a sassy funny character who did not want to be a super villain. I also enjoyed reading her fathers quirky melodramatic flair for invention and Villainy. All the other super villains are delightfully weird and villainy (each seems to have a particular strength) and their kids are all trying to work out if they want to continue in the family business or get out when older.

I would recommend this book to teen girls or anyone who likes the teen superhero/villain genre. Fingers crossed this book is the start of series because I would dearly love to read more.

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