Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yes I am still here!

Hi everyone! sorry I have been rather silent on the blogging front for the last few months. Life has gotten in the way of blogging of late but I am now slowly playing catch up.

I have been busy writing reviews, and I have been keeping tabs on your blogs (if not always commenting).

Lately I have not been on my laptop much and been browsing your blogs through my iphone. Which is why my commenting is sporadic at best. My iphone has been having issues with commenting. I have been experimenting with different blog readers such as feedly and now blog lovin (Follow my blog with Bloglovin) I hope to find one that will let me comment on all blogs (feedly does not like blogger blogs).

Hopefully you will start to see new posts again as I finalise the ones I have been working on. Plus I have my first author interview to post! very exciting.

Thanks for baring with me :)

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