Saturday, October 6, 2012

Movie Reviews: August & September 2012

The Three Stooges - D
Almost 2 hours I can't get back. I walked off and actually cleaned my house. Yes people I preferred to clean my house then watch the rest of this movie.

The Dictator - C-
Hubby liked this more then I did so maybe it's more of a boy movie. I wondered off halfway through as the few jokes I did laugh at, did not cancel out all the terrible jokes that were there.

Battleship - A
I thought this was going to be a terrible movie a Transformers rip off but in some ways it was better. For one it was far more family friendly you didn't see blood and guts and swearing is implied (you hear the characters say something like "see you mother...." then it cuts away). There were a lot of suspend belief moments (like all the war veterans standing strategically and dramatically on the boat as the heroes arrived and agree to help them save the day?) but go into this expecting a good action flick and you will get it.

The Bourne Legacy - C+
I still dont know what I think about this movie. It seemed like a filler movie. A movie between two story arcs. It finishes off the Jason Bourne stories (kinda) as this movie shows what happened in the back ground along side the 3 previous movies (numerous reference are made to events that happened in the first 3 movies); and then sort of starts Aaron Cross' story. There was to much jumping around and flash back scenes that were really a bit pointless and the car chase (well motorbike) went on for too long. Something was missing here, like it didn't know if it wanted to copy the previous movies or start a fresh.

What To Expect When Expecting - C+
Was not what I was expecting at all. This was more drama then comedy. There were some funny moments but the story never really went anywhere and it was hard to really connect with all the different characters.

Men In Black 3 - A-
I was dubious about this movie as it has been 10 years (roughly) since the last one. But other then a little unecessary violence here and there (more then in the original 2 movies and a bit more full on) this was not a bad effort and managed to build on the MIB world with out being over the top about it (or boring us to tears).

The Cold Light of Day - C
Hmm an average action film which didn't really do anything. Couple of impressive fight and chase scenes but this movie was nothing special.

Pirates A Band Of Misfits - B+
Cute, funny and clever. We really liked this. No much else to say really.

Jeff, Lives At Home - F
Not sure I have given an F before. I lasted 5 minutes before I went and scrubbed my shower instead. Hubby lasted a little longer before he gave up as well. It was weird and dramaticy and full of swearing and drug use. Wasn't funny (like the trailer implies) and didn't make any sense.

The Five-Year Engagement - C
Ok am I the only one who does not find Jason Segal movies funny. I love him in How I Met Your Mother but I have borderline hated every movie he has made (as in written/directed/produced). A few funny moments (mostly from the other characters) but this is really a drama and not a great one. I felt like there was no chemistry between Segal and Emily Blunt.

Old School
Killers - B-
Some funny moments but for some reason I didn't enjoy this as much as I did the first time I watched it.

Robots - B+
I had forgotten how funny this movie was. Robin Williams kills it (as always). I noticed this time round the more adult jokes which had us chuckling.

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