Monday, September 17, 2012

BBAW - I'm Doing It Wrong

Well Book Bloggers Appreciation Week (BBAW) has come and gone and I have missed it yet again. Seriously I think the universe is conspiring against me so I don't participate.....ever.

Let me take it back a bit and give you a history lesson between myself and the event called BBAW. Every since I started this blog and I herd about BBAW I have fully intended to participate and every year I am foiled.

2009 - I was pregnant and so very ill I could barely look at my pc let alone do a post.
2010 - I had a roughly 6 month old baby, I was sleep deprived and not reading/blogging much (maybe once a month). Also around this time I lost my google reader and all the blogs I was following at the time eek!
2011 - I was on a fabulous holiday in Thailand and had no pc access (well my pc access) while BBAW was on. Yea ok this one is a hard sell for sympathy I know.
2012 - My laptop had an incident with a cup of liquid that rendered it useless and me with out a access to my blog for two weeks. The very week that BBAW was on.

Are you seeing a pattern? am I the only one who can see this? or am I just be a smidgeon paranoid?

However even though I missed the proper BBAW event, again, I still wanted to give my thanks to all the book blogging friends I have made and give a nod to some wonderful blogs out there.

The book blogging community has been one of the most fanatical and nicest communities I have been in. All the book bloggers are passionate and helpful. I guess for me its nice to know I am not the only book nut out there and not have peoples eye's glaze over (or give me sideways "you're a crazy lady" look") when I talk about books.

While I am not the most prolific or regular poster on my blog, I enjoy the creative outlet it can give me to write and comment on books I am reading. Likewise being able to see my fellow book bloggers reviews and fun posts is fun and insightful.

I have listed below (in no particular order) some of the blogs I follow (and try to comment on). I am afraid I don't really have time for new blogs these days with a toddler on hand and working full time.

Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Books - Tasha writes hilarious thinking/discussion pieces and reviews on a wide assortment of books. She does seem to read a lot of romance though but I don't hold it against her :). She is my go to reviewer if I am curious about a romance type book (she was the first person I asked about 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and when she said hell no then I gave up even the fleeting idea I had of reading it). Also she has great posts about art and cooking.

Ticket To Anywhere - One of my first book blogging friends and an awesome blog which has a focus on YA and Fantasy (so you probably can guess why we clicked lol) and attends awesome events like the American Book Expo thingy-me-bobby, and knows (and interviews) cool authors. Careful this blog is not good for bank accounts or book diets.

Books and Musings from Down Under - An Aussie blogger who reads just about everything and I nearly always like what she likes, and dislike what she dislikes. Not good a blog to read if you are watching your spending on books as there really is something for every one here.

Polishing Mud Balls - A wonderful blog where Deanna talks about books, movies, music, her family, her religion and life in general. There is a little bit of everything here. If Deanna likes a YA or fantasy novel I can pretty much guarantee that I will like it too.

Musings of a Bookish Kitty - Another blogger who reads a little bit of everything but maybe leans towards to mysteries/crime. She writes about books and her life, including her little gorgeous little girl.

From My Bookshelf - This blog has a tendency towards YA and fantasy but you will find just about everything there from Manga to Steam Punk. Just about anything David likes I can almost guarantee that I will like it too. This blog is not good for my bank account.

The Eclectic Reader - A fellow Aussie book blogger who reviews just about everything and occasionally shows off her amazing scrap booking skills. Seriously her scrapbook pages are awesome. Another blog which is not good for my bank account as she reviews lots of historical novels that I just want to get my hands on (oh and YA too *sigh*).

Lost In Books - Rebecca has a mix of everything on her blog from book reviews (of nearly every genre), to movie reviews, to discussion pieces and periodically a post called Take Me Away about books from different countries around the world and their culture/history.

Stacy's Books - A fun little blog which has book reviews, quizzes (about books and movies) and a fun series about her gorgeous son. The quizzes are always fun and challenging.

The Magic Lasso - Runs the popular Orange January/July event which encourages people to read books from the nominated Orange Literary Prize list. Even thought literature is not my thing I have found some gems through mstreme's blog and this reading price (Time Travellers Wife is one that pops to mind straight away). If you want the low down on literary books this should be a must read.

Who am I kidding all these blogs make me want to buy books and they will make you want to buy books to reader beware, but you wont be disappointed if you check them out.

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