Saturday, October 1, 2011

Movie Reviews - September 2011

Water For Elephants - C
Not my kind of movie actually. For come reason I was not expecting....well....what it was. I was thinking it would be beautiful, probably quirky/funny story and with a sad end similar to Marley & Me. Not a very heavy, serious, drama. The animal abuse was so sad to watch. To be honest I found it a little to drama-y (I know not a word), and I didn't really believe the chemistry between the two main characters. However on their own Reece Witherspoon and Robert Patterson put in solid performances. The cinematography is stunning though and the imagery is lovely. I haven't read the book yet, I was waiting till I saw the movie, now I'm not so sure I want to read the book. If the more heavy drama type movie is your kind of thing you will probably love this movie. Me...not so much.

X-Men First Class - A
OMG yes you read it OMG. I loved this movie. I am glad the X-Men franchise is still going from strength to strength and each movie has been an interesting edition to the whole big story arc. To be fair I have never read the comics so cant compare. But I thought this was a really interesting prequel to the original trilogy. Lots of good story development and action. The actors were great and it was fascinating to learn where a big chunk of the characters in the earlier movies (but later story lines if you follow the time line) came from and came to be. If you liked the other movies you will probably like this one. Oh and the action and CGI are fantastic.

Hannah - C+
A clever and interesting script, with good acting but it just got a bit to slow and boring in the middle. I also felt it was hard to work up any sympathy for Hannah or most of the other characters. I dont know if it was the acting, script or directing but she wasn't really likeable or interesting.

Thor - A-
Special effects were amazing and the fight scenes were good. There was a decent story line with a moral to the story at the end. I didn't really get the chemistry between Thor and Jane, it was almost like something was cut in editing. It almost went from them just meeting to being each others one true love (with no apparent in between) and it didn't really explain their connection (dont want to say to much). It just felt a little off for some reason to me. But I still enjoyed the film. No doubt there will be a sequel.

Limitless - B
A weird sci-fi drama about a guy who takes a super drug to improve himself then finds out the down side. An interesting way of saying "dont take drugs". It was good but I wasn't riveted to my seat and was doing other stuff while watching.

Hoodwinked Too - A
This was hilarious. I laughed loudly on numerous occasions, and groaned at some of the puns, snickered at the clever references, and just thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching this movie. The voice acting was good, the scrip wonderful, and the animation was well done. If you liked the first movie you will definitely like this one.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - B-
I was disappointed with the finale of this trilogy. It was slow and long winded. I found the main character Sam to be a whiny, obnoxious brat. His girlfriend was pretty much eye candy only, no depth to her at all, the poor actress didn't really do much acting at all. Just stood there looking beautiful and well dramatic. It just didn't seem to have the humour, interesting characters or clever writing that the previous two movies had. It did have way more swearing and robot carnage (robot "blood" pouring and spraying everywhere). Oh and dont get me started on the slow motion camera work on the helicopters, once was kinda cool but by the 4th odd time I was over it. The special effects were awesome, the action when it happened during the film was nail biting, and the last half hour of the film was great exactly what I was expecting, which is what salvaged this score to a B-.

Arthur - B
A modern remake of the 80's film of the same name (which I have not seen or recall seeing).  Russell Brand did the spoiled, rich brat really well and seemed well suited to the role. It had some funny moment and some serious moments. All in all a decent movie that I would recommend people watch. It is not the best movie in the world but it is still fun.

Old School

George of the Jungle - A
Such a silly, fun, light hearted movie. I always have a chuckle when I watch this movie. It doesnt help the Branden Fraiser is in tip top shape and half naked through most of the movie.

Coming To America - B+
One of Eddie Murphy's better 80's films. Bit dated and silly now. One of the most interesting aspects of this movie are the African American actors that appeared in this film that were yet to be like Samual L Jackson.

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