Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Narrative Causality Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Just a quick note as I am logging in at work; I have been experiencing internet problems at home and have been unable to log in. It looks like this is going to continue at least for tonight as technical other half will be out having a good time at an awards ceremony, and we have established the problem is our modem not the internet its self.

Hopefully I will be up and running by tomorrow at latest, otherwise I fear withdrawl symptoms might just start setting in (so far these have been kept at bay with a book).


  1. I hate it when my internet doesn't work, sometimes it just won't let me on. We have a dodgy internet.

  2. We found out that a friend of ours who has the same modem actually had the exact same problem. Their internet died at the same time and was still dead today. Really weird. Thankfully when K picked me up from work today he had in his possession a borrowed modem. Wahoo I am up and going at least for tonight.

  3. The panda picture is so funny! I stopped by to congratulate you on your friendliest blogger award that I seen you had won! Very cool!