Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Foot in the Grave (Book 2) by Jeaniene Frost

Rating 4.5 out of 5

One foot in the grave is the second book in the Night Huntress Series. We see the return of Cat as a vampire hunter now working for a super top secret Government agency. Cat has moved on with her life after the events in Halfway to the Grave and has settled in nicely in her new town. But what does she do when her past catches up with her and a vampire is killing people to draw her out?

I definitely enjoyed this instalment of the series and is quickly gaining a foothold in my favourite series top 10 (don’t worry Jim Butcher no one can replace Harry).

Character wise most of the old crew is back with some new additions. Bones did not annoy me as much this time round. This could possibly be he was toned down (accent did not seem as prevalent)?, or he has grown on me? Either way I liked him a lot better. Cat is has more confidence in herself and is more comfortable with who she is. Her mother is still a prejudiced nut bag and that is not going to change any time soon. I was glad to see Rodney return who is one of my favorite support characters. New additions wise Cat’s new best friend seems like a wonderful balance for her.
"Don's words were pleasant, but his expression told me he was about to piss me off"
This book explores Vampire society more and the complexities that make it up. My mind boggled about the chain of command and where loyalties would ultimately lay. Though it seems loyalties lay with whoever created you.

There are some more romance and sex scenes which again are written in a way which doesn’t detract from the story or seem placed there for the sake of it.

I read on Jeaniene’s website that she is going to write some stand alone novels set in the Night Huntress world based on some characters. I hope she is able to do this as it would add an interesting depth to the world especially if she can tell it from other species points of view.

Another great instalment in the series.

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  1. Good review, its always scary moving to the second novel in a series, I'm glad this one didnt disappoint!

  2. I really want to read this book. So glad you liked it. There are so many good series that I'm itching to start or catch up on. I need to get to this one!