Monday, June 15, 2009

On Movies - Trauma

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This week's movie topic is all about Trauma....

This week's topic is brought to you by the ever uplifting Sandy @ You've GOTTA Read This! She suggested we share which movies have shaken us to the core so much that we've never been the same because of them. Most of my traumatic movie experiences happened when I was child and pretty much shaped my views on horror films since. All horror films in my opinion should be avoided!

The Never Ending Story– Gave me the full range of emotions. Elation, sadness,and terror. The scene where the horse Artax gets sucked into the mud had me bawling my eyes out and screaming at the tv to save the stupid horse. The wolf had me cowering in fear and the luckdragon had me laughing and wishing I had one. To this day I still don’t like the wolf even though it looks stupid now!

Jurassic Park– I know a strange choice but this came out in my second year of high school and a big gang of us girls went to watch it. We were all scared spitless and spent the whole film jumping out of our skins. At the time though it looked terrifyingly real (plus we were sitting at the front of the cinema so that T-Rex roar was LOUD!). This was a good trauma though because I love this film.

Nightmare on Elm Street – My good childhood friend Phillip introduced me to this film sitting me down telling me how good it was. Well needless to say I spent the whole film behind the couch (literally not joking here). He then proceeded to do this with most 80’s horror films, such as Jaws and anything with stupid vampires, all with the same effect. I have never been a fan of horror films and to this day I dont like them, and that is not likely to change.

The Poltergeist (1982)- Helloooo kiddie gets eaten by the tv. Do I really have to elaborate? That was the only scene I saw as I walked in to the living room and it was on tv but that was enough for me.

Troll (1986) - an 80's horror movie that had me lining my bed with toys to protect me and not walking down the hallway in the dark. I would probably laugh myself stupid watching it now but at the time it was truly terrifying.

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  1. Oh I can see Nightmare on Elm Street being traumatic - sleepless nights for real. But I've gotta watch it whenever it's on just to Johnny Depp.

    Jurrasic Park is a good one - that movie is very stressful.

  2. Those scared me when I was younger but I watched Nightmare a year or so ago and laughed my butt off!!!

  3. I've seen Jurassic Park a hundred times and that T.Rex still scares the holy bejesus out of me! The scariest part of Poltergeist is that damn clown *shudder*

  4. Good list! I did this meme, too. Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th are on my list, too. Maybe you can tell me which movie I am remembering...

  5. The Bumbles- Well yes watching anything with Johnny Depp goes without saying LOL

    Staci - Most 80's horror I can laugh at now. We recently had a Friday 13th marathon and I dont think I was really scared once and like you laughed in a few spots.

    JujuB213 - Wait there is a clown in the poltergeist? Ok soooo not watching :)

  6. The Never Ending Story is one of my childhood favorites. I watched that so many times. I still haven't read the book yet. I need to do that.

    I was never a big fan of horror movies either, but Nightmare on Elm Street I did like for some reason. LOL