Monday, June 1, 2009

ON MOVIES ~ Your Collection


This week's movie topic is all about Your Collection...

I am participating for the first time this week. This meme is hosted by The Bumbles.

"Last week, we asked you about how you watch movies. Quite a few of you shared how you watch from your own collection. So now we would like a glimpse into your collection of movies."
  • MOST VIEWED: Indianna Jones and the Last Crusade - this has been a firm favorite since it came out. It doesn't get watched AS much anymore (maybe once a year), but is still a fave.
  • NEVER VIEWED: - if we bought a DVD then we watch it. We haven't really been given dvd's either.
  • AFRAID TO ADMIT YOU OWN: - Thankfully we do not have any of these. We only buy movies we like.Though some might think my animated movie collection is embarrassing. I however remain proud.
  • GUILTY PLEASURE: Bring it On - I cant help it. Cheerleaders, good music, good choreographed routines, snappy one liners. Sad I know.
  • MOST SHARED: Bourne Supremacy - Usually gets trotted out because the main visitors at our place that want to watch dvd's are guys, and they like things that go bang and people getting turned into human pretzels. Though getting two big Greek boys to watch Mama Mia was a definite achievement.
  • WHY DID WE BUY THIS?: Paul Blart Mall Cop - ok thankfully we did not buy this but we borrowed it and we only watched the first 15 minutes before we gave up. It was just a bad, uninteresting film.
  • MOST TREASURED: Any Animated Films - I love animated films. All of my owned animated films are faves and I dig them out frequently. Finding Nemo, Madagascar, and Ice Age have to be the all time top 3 currently.
  • WILDCARD: James Bond Series - we have nearly all the films and they get trotted out periodically. ALL dvd collections should have a James Bond film in there. I think it is mandatory, like having a Monty Python film.


  1. I love the Bourne movies - not only is Matt Damon delicious to watch, the plot is fun and the action keeps you on the edge of your seat. So you would think I would like the Bond films but I'm not a huge fan of them. We watched the latest one a while ago - just waaaay too far fetched for even me. Speaking of Bond, Sean Connery was so funny in that Indy movie - it is probably my favorite of the series. Thanks for playing!

  2. The Amazing Egyptian Dude would definitely agree with you on the James Bond films; well, those and every single movie Clint Eastwood ever made! I love animated film, too, and have all of the Disney ones in my collection.

    I hope that you'll play along next week, too. :)

  3. Oh gee! I couldn't believe I missed entering "AFRAID TO ADMIT YOU OWN" ... haha!

    You have a cool list btw!