Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Funnies 27 May 09

Wednesday Funnies is a meme for anything you found funny during the week that you would like to share with your blogging buddies. I am happy for anyone who would like to participate to post a link to their own post here.

Happy Wednesday!

Okay funny story........

Dont mess with the toy
funny pictures of cats with captions

This is a person who should not be breeding
People Are Idiots funny picture


  1. Read Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich if you want to read something hilarious! Carl gets up to a lot of monkey business in this one because, well, just because he IS a monkey and a funny one at that. Eep!

  2. You have something waiting for you at my blog :)

  3. Oh, that last one is scary, scary. And these people are procreating? Oh. My. God.

  4. Haha! Those are funny. Thank you for making me smile today. :-)

  5. It was a difficult Wed for me this week and I almost didn't do this post. However looking at the funny pictures eventually cheered me up.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I have Plumb Spooky on Mt TBR but any funny book recommendations will be appreciated!

  6. Sorry you had a bad day ~ these posts always give me a giggle. The horse pic had me laughing my head off LOL

  7. The horse picture is my fav. It had my laughing!!!
    The pregnant one is hilarious!

  8. Both my partner and I sat there for awhile wondering about the turn of events that resulted in the horse being like that. Truly strange.

  9. Oh my, you come up with some good ones. I read your next entry for this meme too. They made my day, thanks.