Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Funnies 29 April 09

Hi all and welcome to the inaugural Wednesday Funnies Meme. I was feeling pretty low this week due to work and needed something to perk me up. I stumbled on some funny photos and thought I would share them with everyone.

I could not find a meme for funnies in general anywhere so if you know of one please tell me (I found one but the blogger is no longer blogging).

The concept is simple post something you found funny during the week and share with your blogging buddies. I am happy for anyone who would like to participate to post a link to their own post here.

This week I have taken my funnies from Flickr which is a website I am completely addicted to (well another website of the many) and instantly perks me up with the amazing and often funny pictures I see there. I hope you enjoy the below pictures as much as I did. Happy Wednesday!

Bo In The White House Playing With His Friend Brian Mosteller a White House Deputy Director of Oval Office Operations; attempts to protect his shoes as he plays with the Obama family dog "Bo" in the Cabinet Room at the White House April 21, 2009. The Offical White House Photostream on Flickr by Pete Souza

Warning Food May Contain Ewoks
"It's bad enough that Billy had to keep an eye out for cats, hawks and territorial squirrels. The last thing he needed was grief from an Ewok" Photo by Powerpig on Flickr.


  1. LOL, the little squirrel?? pic is too cute.

  2. What a great idea Caspette, just what we need to get us over hump day!

  3. Thanks ladies I appreciate the comments.

  4. How adorable! These are some great pictures and what a fun meme idea!

  5. How did I not know the Obama's finally got a dog??
    Cool meme.

  6. Loved the cute chipmunk photo!!!!!! Cool concept!