Thursday, April 30, 2009

Undead and Uneasy by Mary Janice Davidson

Rating 4 out of 5

Another great brain candy read. The undead series are a guilty pleasure. They are light and fluffy romantic fantasy that are quick to get through. Which I really needed , after struggling through Plain Truth. This is another book however where I do not want to reveal to much so will keep the review simple.

In book number six, Betsy is finally getting married after having a year that went from bad to worse starting with her death and subsequent rising from said death as a Vampire Queen. She thinks that she deserves the wedding of her dreams. Even if white does make her look awful. Things start getting weird however when her friends all start to vanish leaving her alone to decide on the wedding dress.

Mary Janice Davidson has a really good sense of humour which had me chortling right through the book.

Even though Betsy is a tiny bit shallow and vain she is always good for a laugh and still manages to inspire empathy from the reader. This book is pretty much Betsy on her own as her friends have disappeared. This was a good development character wise for Betsy as I think from memory, this was the first time she really solved the problem/mystery on her own. Also she now seems a little more resigned to her fate and role as the Vampire Queen.
“There are three things wrong with that card” the king if the vampires told me. “One, my love for you is not anything like ‘shimmering amber waves of summer wheat.’ Two , my love for you has nothing to do with adorable, fluffy cartoon rabbits. Three....”And he sighed here. “Rabbits do not sparkle.”
There was a cameo appearance from the Wyndham werewolves which star in their own book series (which I must confess I have not read). The first scene that dealt with these guys absolutely cracked me up.

It will be interesting how the series progresses from here. There were two major developments, one was Betsy’s power and the other was well not saying it’s a secret.

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